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Dear John Nack #2

I suppose I should name this Dear Adobe, since John isn't actually involved with Lightroom or Photoshop. And I will, next time.

I LOVE the Adaptive Wide Angle filter in Photoshop CC .... except when I don't.

AWA is a filter like Lens Corrections, that places a preview of your image in  window of its own, where you modify various controls and view the effects in more-or-less real time. When you click OK, the modifications are applied to the entire image. While there are a number of options, which vary the amount and type of controls available, I use it on panoramas. You draw a line on the image, by clicking the endpoints, and a guide line is presented, bisecting a circle. By clicking where the line and circle intersect, you can cause the line to rotate to a different angle. But unlike a simple image rotation, you can have many lines, rotated to various angles, manipulating a mesh superimposed on the image.

I use it to straighten out panoramas, so my horizontals are horizontal a…