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Tall Ships

There was a gathering of tall ships in Toronto Canada / Independence Day weekend, and while I found some interesting shots of rigging and hardware, I especially liked this rope hanging off the stern of the German ship, so swimmers could climb back aboard. The ship was steady, being tied to the dock, hardly any motion at all, so the movement of the water expressed itself relative to the monkey's fist knot at the bottom of the gently swaying rope.

This one is scaled down; click on the picture to go to my photo website gallery of animations and see it full size.
Toronto's Gay Pride parade, last Sunday, July 4th.
How do they arrange a HOT day, year after year? Do they have special arrangements with the man upstairs? or is it the hot guy downstairs? Either way, it was a day for super-soakers, especially the humunguous one on the fire enging bringing up the rear.